Welcome to Positive Turn Music Publishing

Beth Rowan Metzler and Jessica Klee are experienced, seasoned, singer songwriters, musicians and producers in the Dutchess County NY area.

“We originally launched Positive Turn Music Publishing LLC to facilitate in our business endeavors as singer/songwriters as we pitched music for sync opportunities, radio and TV ads. We came to realize what a great thing we have going and how we can also help other artists to realize their dreams. So we just recently started to reach out to local talent for sync opportunities with us.”
“Our message to artists in our area?: If we think your song has the right ingredients to achieve success for a pitch opportunity, we can even produce, record, mix and master your song(s) in our professional recording studio.”

If you are a local business owner looking for music to facilitate your advertisement needs, we have what you need. If we don’t, we can write and produce it for you with our primary goal of representing the brand or the concept of your business, while staying within your budget.

“If you are a music supervisor and need music for advertisement, televisions, movies, documentaries and other multi-media formats, feel free to browse our music catalog. We are a one stop company, all songs guaranteed cleared “

We do jingles, voice overs, full production music, scores and so much more…..